How can I help YOU?

You became a makeup artist or hairstylist because you are an ARTIST, you love to be creative, AND you love the feeling you get when your client looks in the mirror when you're done and says "Oh my god, I love it".


I get that!  You want to focus on your creativity, your ART, and serving your clients... that's your zone of genius.  But if you want to have a sustainable, profitable freelance business, you need to pay attention to the other pillars of your business too...


From online courses, group coaching programs to VIP 1:1 coaching, I offer a range of services to suit your needs and budget.


I'd love to chat with you about how I can best help you achieve your idea of success.

Online Courses

Makeup courses that focus on the stuff that actually helps you to BOOK MORE CLIENTS and run a more SUSTAINABLE, PROFITABLE business.

Makeup Mastermind

THE Group Coaching program for makeup artists and hairstylists looking to take their business to the next level.  

Mentoring, support and more

VIP Coaching

When you know where you're going but you're just not sure exactly how to get there...  my personalised 1:1 coaching is for you. Single sessions & packages available

Client Testimonials

My vision is to inspire others to believe in themselves

and follow their dreams

I found Sue's Business Boost course extremely helpful and unlike other marketing courses, it's super relevant to our industry and job role, which made all the course so easier to digest, by being able to put the marketing training into context, and then implement it all, as I fully understood what tasks I have to carry out...

Katy Gill

Makeup Artist, Ibiza Spain

Sue, thank you for all your help with my portfolio and for being my business coach.  My return to the industry after such a long break has been so much less daunting because of your encouragement...  I love what you are doing for the industry. You bring ethics, professionalism and a passion for bringing out the best in artists. Anyone who chooses you as their coach or for mentoring in any way will be very, very blessed.

Danielle Robinson

Makeup Artist, Brisbane Australia

I thought I was cruising along with my business quite nicely, but soon learnt there was so much more I could do, little and big things, to help grow my business. Sue has a wealth of knowledge that she shares in a friendly, open, easy-to-understand manner. I would happily recommend her programme to anyone keen to expand their business. Her passion and drive is infectious. Thank you Sue.

Erin Cockerton

Makeup Artist, Sydney Australia

I felt like I spent the first half of my career floundering. I couldn't get traction in the industry.  I wish I knew then what I know after doing this course.  Thank you Sue!

Carly Stone

Makeup Artist, Brisbane Australia